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Drowning in eMail – survive the flood

It’s hard to believe there was once a world with email. Working from Home meant we couldn’t talk to colleagues as easily as we used to. Some messaging moved to tools like Teams, and that cut email traffic, but others stayed in email and inboxes were flooded. The good news is there are some things you can do – and we have some training options [...]

Lessons from Lockdown

There have been some extraordinary lessons from an extraordinary time.  The resilience we’ve seen is inspirational, and the determination, especially by those hardest hit, has been stunning. We’ve seen organisations and their people adapt quickly and selflessly to change and some of that change looks to be permanent. Given that we rushed to this new [...]

Successful Projects have one common trait that sets them apart

Projects within your organisation will likely result in a change to the way people work whether the project is implementing a new system, streamlining a process or creating a new solution. User adoption and business value go hand in hand. Adoption and Change Management focuses on the human side of technology and activities to facilitate the [...]

What can you expect to see as Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365?

Whenever Microsoft say they are changing something to make it less confusing, most of us get a little cynical.  The reality is that there are so many Microsoft tools we use every day, that it can be confusing,  From Windows to Office to Teams to Dynamics and Azure, there is a huge product range and some of these are sold in bundles that work across these [...]

What’s in the latest version of Windows 10 – 2004 (aka 2020h1)

Coming – ready or not – while we cope with the challenges of the pandemic and changes to how we work, we also get changes to Windows. Firstly, be aware this is effectively a new load of Windows – its much more than a service pack. So, what’s new? Well, surprisingly for the size of the update, there is relatively little in the way of [...]

New in Microsoft TEAMs

Necessity has made us all experts in video-calling, and it’s left us wanting more! During lockdown, we got the ability to change the video call background so other participants couldn’t see where you were really calling from, provided you were using a machine that was powerful enough to process the backgrounds. There are a couple of hacks [...]

Lessons from lockdown – reinventing ourselves through COVID-19

The COVID-19 lockdown has forced many businesses to re-think how they operate. We've recruited and inducted new team members, found new ways to engage with clients, (rapidly) developed new digital services and converted our training service into online content. We've built new tools and given them away - to great success. It's two years of [...]

How does the post-COVID19 lockdown impact your IT planning?

Every business webinar is talking about the rush to get businesses back up to speed quickly, and test new business models to be more resilient over the coming weeks and months.   In the same breath, they tell us things will never be the same again - whether its the risk of continued disruption, or the opportunity of more work-from-home, or new [...]

Having a truly Agile Stand-Up Meeting

Stand-up meetings have become a mainstay of daily agendas as work teams search for ways to stay connected efficiently, working together seamlessly while ensuring meetings don't linger. We were reflecting on our own environment and wanted to share a few ideas. Definition of a Stand Up meeting: A short meeting to assess progress. Typically lasting [...]

FREE Covid-19 Health Contact App

Are you ready for the move to COVID-19 Level 3? Are you ready to track visits of your staff to other workplaces, or visitors to your workplace? It's not just tracking visits.  You have an obligation to check you are not exposing your staff to Covid-19 either in your workplace or where they visit.  If the government agencies asked you for a list of [...]