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Fancy a date?

How many working days are there in a month? For many of us doing budgeting, the number of days matter for either income or costs. For years, I have spent a few moments as part of our budget setting exercise to look through an annual calendar, count the days in each month, then take the holidays I can remember, and exclude them. There’s a [...]

Remote Working Tips and Tools

Working from home is different.  Managing staff working from home is also quite different. Here are a few tools to assist: Do we know where they are and what they need?   How do we discharge our Duty of Care to our colleagues?  Introducing the Free Microsoft COVID-19 Crisis Communication PowerApp. Key features include: Employees can [...]

Slow Cloud? The race to Remote Work

Coronavirus in NOT a conspiracy by the tech-industry to get everyone to the cloud. Imagine trying to get your workforce to work remotely without the cloud, and without ubiquitous connectivity like UFB. Those screeching dial-up modems that disconnected all the time would be dire, especially when the screen used to refresh itself in section. Is that [...]

Top Microsoft Teams Tips to Keep Your Team Together

People are already feeling strain with the rapidly changing face of Covid-19.  Stress and tensions are naturally high and for many organisations this could be first time they have asked people to work remotely for extended periods.   It’s definitely not our New Zealand cultural norm.  Re-creating your culture with your people working remotely is [...]

Making it Work When Working From Home

Working remotely can be invigorating from time to time, but there’s a reason why we don’t do it permanently. If we’re forced to work remotely for a long period, how do we overcome isolation effects? Working together in an office has a number of social benefits. You participate in office banter which can be fun, and enjoy your office culture. [...]

Text Shortcut Keys in Word and Outlook

Everyone knows Shortcut Keys save you heaps of time. Here are our top five for working with text in Word and Outlook. Shift + any of the arrow keys, ← ↑ → ↓ to select text Shift + F3 to change case Alt + Shift + ↑ to move paragraph up Alt + Shift + ↓ to move paragraph down Ctrl + Shift + N to apply the Normal [...]

Dictate in Office 365

The Office 365 version of Office includes an easy to use dictation tool. It is currently available in: Outlook PowerPoint Word You’ll find the Dictate command on the Message tab when composing a message in Outlook. In PowerPoint and Word its sits on the Home tab. To use it do the following: Click Dictate Select the language [...]

Word – Alt Key

The Alt key doesn't always get much love. However it has some pretty cool functionality. Watch this short video to see a couple of our favourite ones in [...]

SharePoint – Format Columns

Applying colour can help to make key data stand out. You can now do this in SharePoint to highlight due dates, status and numbers. Watch this short video to see [...]

PowerPoint – Design Ideas

Trying to make your slides look good can be a tiring and unrewarding process. Instead of getting frustrated use the Design Ideas feature to quickly turn your slides into something cool and stylish. Watch this short video to see [...]