Don’t just survive the lockdown.  THRIVE.  If you are just “coping” with changing to a remote working environment, then you will  start to struggle in the weeks (months?) to come.  “Thrivival” is our way of describing what smart businesses are doing right now – they are going through a revival so their businesses will THRIVE.

Your organisation needs to master remote working to remain effective throughout this year.

Many of our clients moved into lockdown WITHOUT MISSING A BEAT

Sound like you?  If not – you need to talk to us about one of our remote working thrivival services:


Firing up with remote working tools. e-Learning to upskill your organisation on how to work effectively, whether remotely or at the office. We cover:
* Getting started with Microsoft Teams
* Getting stared with Office 365, remote working
* Loading Office 365 on other computers


Upskill on core applications you use each day
e-Learning modules to improve effectiveness and efficiency with the tools your team is using every day.
From Excel, Word etc to Power Tools and SharePoint. Choose a single course, or upskill on an entire module.
Do a beginner course or take a Masterclass!


Unblock process bottlenecks to be more efficient.
A quick start package to identify and change processes to drive improvement.
A series of online personalised workshops with your team to make fast efficiency gains. The change to remote working will be causing stresses on your processes and causing bottlenecks. We will help you identify and unblock them.


Review, Reimagine and Remap your business
Take the opportunity to make your business technology more robust and efficient while enabling far greater business effectiveness in the years ahead.


Every day is another day of lower productivity.  GET IN TOUCH NOW!

Get in touch to find out how Kambium can help you master remote working.

We’ve helped dozens of companies achieve seamless working whether in the office of out of the office.

Let us help you.

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That will be the mantra for Kambium clients. What will yours be?


Requires getting 3 things right

1. Tools

All the tools your team needs, not just some of them.
More than just email access, we will ensure all your staff can operate equally effectively at and away from the office.

2. Skills

Defining new ways of working and training your people,
Our cultural change experts make the change to remote working seamless and easy for your staff, no matter their starting point with IT.

3. Culture

Ensuring you maintain culture and connectedness.
We will help you put protocols in place to retain culture and staff connectedness, even with remote workers.


1. Tools

Most businesses are already set up for some form of remote working. Most of us have remote access to email, and most businesses have a number of remote licenses for a subset of people to access key business systems.

While that covers ‘business as usual’, we’re now moving into business as abnormal. Can EVERYONE work remotely? Will phones be answered and calls transferred? Can you quickly deal with a customer enquiry? Can you still raise invoices, process the banking and reconcile debtors and creditors or do month end reports? Obviously, some actions ultimately are very physical and need people onsite, such as receiving or dispatching orders, but even then can they be minimised to reduce risk? Ultimately the fewer people working physically together will reduce risk, and to a large extent IT systems can help.

We need to work through every tool, every key business process and we need to ensure they can be actioned remotely, and activated securely. We’ve warned over and over again about the risks of cyber-criminals, and their opportunity to strike multiplies immensely when you introduce people working from home, especially on their own machinery – PCs that might not be protected by your business security tools. Does every access point require multi-factor authentication? Is every machine that processes your work ‘clean’ from key-loggers and malware – the things that KARE and KARE for Security protect your business assets from?

2. Skills

Having the tools makes a huge difference, but does everyone know how to use them? Everyone’s home environment is different, with different equipment, different pressures (partner / family / pets / noise) an of course some people are more adept than others, and some need more technical guidance. Have they tested access and practised now, while there is time to address any issues?

Unlike most IT providers, we have a team dedicated to helping our clients achieve cultural change. They aren't IT people... they are people people. They ensure that your staff can use the new tools to do things a different way - helping define new workflows to make your organisation more efficient and more effective. In the end, if your teams aren't able to change the way they work and use remote working tools properly, productivity will collapse.

3. Culture

One of the benefits of people working together is culture; the casual conversations around the coffee machine, and the camaraderie through in-person meetings, and good-natured exchanges that happen as people rub shoulders. This informal interaction makes our workplaces attract and retain good people, it helps us identify support needs and mentor and coach colleagues as necessary. It helps us piece together a picture of what’s going on from fragments of information. Once people are working away for a couple of weeks, that’s in jeopardy. How do you maintain your culture when people aren’t together? We all know that sometimes an email doesn’t convey emotion or humour and misunderstandings can abound. So how do you keep everyone smiling when they would otherwise be frowning? How do you keep your team together when they are apart? With tools like Teams, and the appropriate protocols in place, we can help you maintain your culture in a remote working environment, among the distractions and challenges that go along with that.


Hopefully the impact of Covid-19 is massively over-exaggerated. Hopefully it will go away quickly. Unfortunately, that’s not looking likely, so the advice we are giving is GET HELP NOW.


Covid-19 Readiness Assessement

Try our Covid-19 Lockdown Assessment check list.   We’re ready to come and work it through with you. Don’t wait until its too late – get in touch NOW.

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