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4 Reasons IT training SUCKS!

  We do a LOT of training on Microsoft Office.  In fact, we've for it.  So it drives us bananas when we see/hear about awful training. Here are our 4 biggest bugbears when it comes to teaching people how to use their IT more effectively. No matter how amazing a training course is, how effective the trainer is and how much [...]

No excuses for ugly PowerPoint slides

Not everyone has an eye for design – particularly when it comes to PowerPoint. Now you can get PowerPoint to design your slides for you. 1.  Add the text and content you wish to display on your slide.  The content can't be too complicated or you won't get any design ideas.  Here was our raw content: 2.  Click Design, [...]

Office365 Updates

There's nothing like seeing the computer display hall at MOTAT to be reminded of how much things change and how quickly.  One of the sayings I heard late last year was that never in history has business has never changed faster than  now, and yet it will never change slower than it does now.  Wow! So it's great to know our tools are keeping up with [...]