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“Kambium have been responsive and did what they said they would. Thanks to the training, we have happier users. And it is thanks to Kambium that we’re now looking at additional Microsoft capabilities – after all, you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s been a massive learning experience for me and our IT guys, and we’re seeing potential now where we didn’t before.”


“Understanding the capability of the new platform and the options available is key so employees can get the most from their Teams experience, and this is what has made the implementation of this project such an outstanding success. Many of our employees were hybrid working long before the Covid-19 pandemic, however, most had been working full-time from home since the August lockdown. Microsoft Teams has enhanced this vital virtual experience for all of us and has been more reliable, keeping us better connected at a time when it’s needed most..”


“Kambium were chosen for the training partner for DB Breweries new Intranet and SharePoint implementation because of their approach to working collaboratively and in partnership with us. They provided their expertise and shared past experience as we designed the content of the training and they provided skilled trainers that came onto our sites throughout New Zealand to ensure that our people were trained in the new system within a month of go live.”

DB Breweries

“Just to start your day on a positive note there is quite the banter around the office this morning from yesterday’s training, people telling each other what they have done that is different on their Outlook, “I’ve downloaded contacts by dragging from emails like he showed us and they all updated on my phone, that is so cool”, “look at my colour coded calendar”, “I feel like there’s so much more I can use now”!  Lots of appreciation for your sense of humour and delivery style of the training too!  I have already been asked when your next training is!  So thank you for providing some truly useful training yesterday in manner that we all enjoyed.”


“Working collaboratively with the project team to develop training material to suit the audience, training was delivered in an easy to understand format, working together post cutover to ensure that the any additional questions were answered and assisted in the setup of voice mail as required.
Feedback from the user community was positive and we have since used them again to develop training material for our planned Skype for Business deployment.”


“We needed a custom program for Rangers stationed at Lake Waikaremoana. The program was built around business tasks and the skills the Rangers needed for their work using Microsoft Office, the feedback from the team was very positive and they learnt new skills they can apply to their work.”