Microsoft is constantly rolling out new features in Teams. Here are a few new and soon to be released!

Don’t allow participants to unmute

Whether you want to eliminate background noise or choose to structure your Teams meeting with a specific Q&A time, you may want the ability to not allow attendees to unmute themselves. The option is now available under “Participants” or through “Meeting Options” which can be found from the original Teams meeting invitation.

Turn off message previews

The ability to turn off the message previews when receiving a Teams notification. Handy one if you are presenting, have people sitting at your desk and haven’t switched Do Not Disturb, or if you want a bit more privacy in an open plan office.

Coming soon!

Breakout Rooms

A much requested feature is breakout rooms. The meeting organiser will be able to split the attendees into multiple online “rooms” for discussion and collaboration, then come back into the main meeting. This feature will be sure to improve collaboration, creativity and learning in your next workshops or training seminars.

Attendance Report

Soon to be released is the ability to download an  Attendance Report from the meeting chat once the meeting is over. Only the meeting organiser will see the Attendance Report.

Noise Suppression

This new feature available through Settings > Devices builds on top of the existing noise suppression feature and has been designed to address background sounds that make business communication less effective, such as keyboard typing noise, co-workers talking etc.