Last week I received a new work mobile.

This sent me into a bit of whirl re transferring data, apps, MFA tokens and settings.

Several things helped with the change:
  1. Clear communications from the IT team re the change (what I needed to know and do)
  2. Support from the IT team – Thanks Anthony
  3. Use of Intune to centrally manage the new device and push out the essential work apps
  4. Cloud backup and restore of MFA tokens
  5. Smart Switch app to take all other apps I had installed, photos etc.

On top of that I can also use this nifty app called Samsung Dex that sits on my phone and my Windows PC. When I connect my phone to my PC they work seamlessly together so I can see a desktop for my phone on my PC. Now I can access and send text messages among other functions right from my PC.

If you ever need to mirror your phone screen to your PC to share content or information this would be a useful tool for you. Can’t wait to use this further when training people on the Microsoft Teams mobile app that is becoming so popular.

    Most Samsung phones have the app already built in, so all you have to do is download the app to your PC or Mac. You can do this directly from